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A Recent Testimonial for Dr. Smita Patel

Dr. Patel has truly changed my life. For years, I had been suffering sporadic periods of crushing
depression. Periods of time so dark that I cut myself off from the outside world, alienated family and
friends and often missed enough days of work that I lost my job, one way or another.

I had seen two psychiatrists over a period of about 10 years yet these symptoms persisted. I had been
diagnosed with major depressive disorder, as well as anxiety disorder, by both doctors. After leaving
my first psychiatrist since he was ineffective, I tried another one that was recommended by a friend.
He asked for permission to review notes from my previous doctor during our first session. During our
second session, he reiterated my initial diagnosis. It seemed to me at the time that he had rushed to
judgment, but I did not really know as much about the diseases as I do now, so I continued seeing this
doctor. Not much really changed, although he did manage to help my anxiety, but it came at the cost of
getting myself addicted to high doses of Klonapin.

Finally, after a particularly dark period of depression in which I lost my job and drained my savings and
401K’s, etc., I was desperate and out of hope. I had to move home with my parents because I was dead
broke and didn’t have the slightest bit of motivation.

My parents asked their primary care doctor to recommend a psychiatrist. They recommended Dr. Smita
Patel. After a long introductory session with her, she diagnosed me as bipolar as well as having anxiety
disorder. She started out by treating me with Lithium Carbonate (basically a salt, a positively charged
ion). Within a couple of weeks I felt much better and things began to improve. I began to feel more
motivation and I started searching for jobs and exercising virtually every day from 9 to 5, just as if I were
working. Family members who had long since lost hope in me began to tell my parents that they could
see a real difference in me and they liked what they saw.

Then came the bombshell. During a session in which I was describing how I felt, Dr. Patel suggested that
I might have a thyroid disorder and that may be a big part of the underlying cause of my condition. She
recommended an endocrinologist and it turns out that I have a disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.
A normal person’s TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) should be measured at between 0.4 and 4.0. My
TSH level was 382. The endocrinologist was shocked that I was even remotely functional. None of the
psychiatrists or even my primary care physician had ever even hinted that I may have a thyroid disorder.
I have come to find out that thyroid disorders are among the most difficult to diagnose and easiest to

Dr. Patel genuinely cares about me. I do still have my ups and downs from time to time (but they
are nowhere even close to the extremes they were before). Whenever I reach out to Dr. Patel, she
responds and works with me to fix whatever the issue may be. She is extremely responsive and I cannot
tell you how valuable and unusual this characteristic is in her field. She even reaches out to me to see
how I am doing on a fairly regular basis and especially when I have been having any sort of problem.

I am working full-time at a job I enjoy now. I am also exercising regularly and spending quality time with
my family and friends. Dr. PateI wants me to live the happiest and most functional life possible on the
least amount of medication possible. Initially, I resisted as I was used to taking high doses of Klonapin
and thought that I needed that drug and dosage to function. She repeatedly told me that gradually

reducing my dosage would yield results in energy and mental clarity. SHE WAS RIGHT. I honestly do not
think I would be making such strides without the help, advice, wisdom and encouragement of Dr. Patel.


- R.U. Montgomery County Maryland