Bipolar Disorder Treatment for Adults

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression is one of a spectrum of mood disorders that can affect adults.  Adults with bipolar disorder will find themselves experiencing mood swings that are typically very accentuated.  Often people with bipolar disorder will find they suddenly and inexplicably go from being severely depressed to abnormally happy—a feeling of euphoria that makes them feel like they are an unstoppable super-hero.  If this describes you or one of your loved ones, it is important to get treatment.

In my career as a board certified Psychiatrist, I have worked with many people who are affected by this disease.  Although treatment can be complex, the results are worthwhile.  Adults with bipolar find they are unable to hold down jobs or stay in relationships.  Their disabling emotional states may keep them from getting out of bed or may find them engaging in very dangerous activities.

Although there is no cure for bipolar disorder, treatment may allow my patients to lead normal, productive lives by managing their symptoms.  Typical treatment for bipolar disorder will include the use of mood stabilizing drugs as well as therapy to help the patient to understand their symptoms and gain control of their lives.  We find that many who have bipolar disorders are also suffering from gambling problems and substance abuse.  These kinds of issues can be dealt with using a psychotherapeutic approach.

If you think you need treatment for bipolar disorder, please contact me.